We learned as children that when we made a mistake, we had to either repair it or live with it. Fortunately, that is a life lesson that remains valid. Why spend time regretting when you can start over? Color Reverse is a safe, simple, and successful method for removing permanent hair color.

Color Reverse doesn't have any harmful ingredients that could hurt your hair; it takes out permanent hair dye. The strong solution, which is ammonia-free, bleach-free, paraben-free, and peroxide-free, breaks down color molecules in 20 minutes, allowing you to apply your ideal hair color. It will not cause your hair to return to its natural color.

Mistakes Happen

Whether you chose your current hair color a few hours, days, or weeks ago, Color Reverse is everything you need to gently reverse the last application of oxidative color. When a developer is used with permanent hair color, oxidative color is produced. The cuticle stretches and swells the hair shaft as it deposits the new color into the cortex as the color oxidizes on each strand. Color Reverse reduces color molecules and washes them out of the hair, allowing you to immediately apply a hair color that better reflects your individuality.

Washout and Repeat

When using Color Reverse, it is essential to follow the instructions. While the cream lingers on the hair for 20 minutes, it requires numerous shampoos and long intervals of rinsing for optimal effectiveness.

In a non-metallic dish, combine the ingredients thoroughly for 30 seconds. Focusing on the color to be removed, apply liberally and evenly to clean, and dry hair while using gloves to avoid spots. For maximum results, apply fast and avoid working in cold environments or near cool vents or fans. Warmth aids in the processing of the product.

20 minutes of shampoo and warm water rinsing are required. Shampoo one more, then rinse for at least five minutes more. The longer you rinse, the better your final results will be. If the product is not thoroughly washed out, color molecules may linger in the hair, causing it to revert to its original hue.

After application, condition the hair or apply a hair mask to rehydrate the hair and eradicate any remaining product odor.

The More You Know 

Color Reverse is ineffective on semipermanent and direct dyes. To get bright, vibrant hair color, you have to be patient because you have to use clarifying shampoo to remove it slowly.