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How did Organic Roots Came into Being

Our Story

Erum Agha the founder of Organic Roots, an entrepreneur and certified cosmetic chemist who started as home crafter in 2016. She got the idea to start this company Organic Roots because of her own personal experience. Here she tells her own story From her Chemical damage to Natural hair care journey. In the realm of my teenage years, a chapter unfolded that left an indelible mark on my hair's journey. Armed with the curiosity and impulsiveness of youth, I ventured into a world of chemical procedures in pursuit of a beauty I thought I desired. Little did I know that these actions would result in unintended consequences. I embarked on a series of experiments, subjecting my hair to excessive chemical treatments in an attempt to achieve a certain aesthetic. Color changes, straightening, and styling became routine, as I danced with the allure of transformation. But as time passed, the repercussions of my decisions became increasingly evident. The once-lustrous strands that adorned my head began to lose their vitality. Dryness set in, accompanied by brittleness that seemed to amplify with each passing day. The mirror became a harsh critic, reflecting back a reality I had created through my choices. In my pursuit of beauty, I had inadvertently damaged the very canvas I was working with. Yet, amidst the strands of regret and frustration, another unexpected visitor arrived: gray hair. As if to remind me of the passage of time and the impermanence of youth, these silver strands mingled with the remnants of my damaged locks. They seemed to whisper tales of resilience, offering a new perspective on beauty and transformation. In this collision of events, I found myself at a crossroads – a juncture where I had to make peace with the decisions of my past and forge a path toward recovery. With a newfound determination, I embarked on a journey of hair care and self-care. Patience became my ally as I nursed my hair back to health, nourishing it with care and attention. My search led me to the wonders of henna and indigo, two natural dyes that promised vibrant and healthy hair. However, living in Pakistan, I faced a major hurdle – these products were not readily available in the local market. The henna that was available had poor quality, which only added to my frustration. Refusing to give up, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I scoured the internet, connecting with trusted sources from around the world, until I finally found a reliable supplier for high-quality henna and indigo. Importing these products marked a turning point in my journey. Empowered by the pure and potent natural dyes, I not only restored my own hair's luster but also found an opportunity to share this beauty secret with others. Fueled by my passion and determination, I ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. Armed with a vision of providing people with genuine, natural alternatives, I established my own business. Starting a business was no small feat, but my dedication and the superior quality of my products set me apart. As word spread about the transformative effects of my henna and indigo products, my business began to flourish. With each satisfied customer, I felt a renewed sense of purpose and accomplishment. My journey from chemical hair damage to becoming a successful entrepreneur and certified cosmetic chemist was a testament to the power of perseverance and the allure of natural solutions. Not only did I find a way to heal and beautify my hair, but I also created a path for others to do the same. Today, my brand stands as a symbol of authenticity and the transformative impact of embracing nature's gifts. As the months rolled by, my hair began to tell a different story. It became a testament to growth, not just in terms of length and strength, but also in the evolution of my perception of beauty. The gray strands that had once felt like a blemish now served as a reminder of the resilience I had gained through my experiences. Through this journey, I learned that beauty is not confined to the chemicals we apply or the colors we wear. It resides in the health, vitality, and confidence we exude. My hair, once damaged and adorned with gray, became a mirror reflecting not just my physical transformation, but my growth as a person.


Launched in 2016.., Organic Roots is an online hair care store in Karachi, Pakistan. We, as a unique brand are committed to add value to the mainstream hair industry by introducing cost effective chemical free hair dyes and hair care products.

We have revolutionized hair dyeing by introducing natural refined Hennas and pure Indigo Powder. As a pioneering non-chemical hair brand in Pakistan, Organic Roots has an unparalleled promise to constant research and innovation and providing groundbreaking, supreme quality natural products for your hair.

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