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How did Organic Roots Came into Being

Our Story

In 2016, Erum Agha, kicked off her journey as a home crafter, experimenting with natural solutions like henna and indigo for her damaged hair. Over time, the quest for quality products led her to become a certified cosmetic chemist. This transformation fueled her passion, inspiring the creation of Organic Roots, a brand dedicated to genuine, natural alternatives for healthy and vibrant hair. Her story reflects the power of perseverance and the beauty of embracing nature's gifts, turning damaged hair into a symbol of growth and resilience. Today, Organic Roots stands as a testament to authenticity and the transformative impact of natural solutions.


Launched in 2016.., Organic Roots is an online hair care store in Karachi, Pakistan. We, as a unique brand are committed to add value to the mainstream hair industry by introducing cost effective chemical free hair dyes and hair care products.

We have revolutionized hair dyeing by introducing natural refined Hennas and pure Indigo Powder. As a pioneering non-chemical hair brand in Pakistan, Organic Roots has an unparalleled promise to constant research and innovation and providing groundbreaking, supreme quality natural products for your hair.

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