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In Urdu and Arabic Language, Indigo Powder is Called Wisma /Neel Ka Poda. Its Botanical name is Indigofera tinctoria. It is green in color because it is a grounded powder of indigo plant leaves. It releases the blue-purple dye. It is also used for coloring your hair into shades of brown to black naturally. It is100% chemical-free method to dye hair. It does not affect the hair cortex so it is damage free method for hair. Moreover, this is Halal Hair Dye too and considered to be Sunnah Because it has the same method and properties of KHATAM well known in Tib-e-Nabvi. In Tib-e-Nabvi it is mentioned as indigo or wasma too.

Organic Roots color kit is made of two popular plants Henna and indigo that could potentially color your hair without damaging the texture of your hair. it has been popular since ancient times. The concept is very simple and is based on combining blue(indigo)and red (henna) dyes together in different ratios. Mixing these two ingredients in the correct ratio helps you achieve your desired shade. More henna in this ratio gives a reddish brown shade, an equal ratio of henna and indigo gives a brown shade, more indigo ratio gives darker shades and if you apply indigo after the henna step it gives you a lush black shade.


You can not pre-mix henna and indigo together in powder form. If in the market someone is selling a product that is having henna and indigo powder pre-mix then it must be chemical. Henna and indigo are having different dye releases natures. Pure Henna releases its dye within 8-12 hours. Whereas indigo released its dye right after it is mixed with water and demises its dye within two hours. Due to their different dye-release nature, these can never be premixed in powder form. A proper method is needed for mixing it together. When you intend to color your hair soak henna 8-12 hours before application. Before you apply add freshly made indigo into a ready henna paste and mix it well.

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Yes, Organic Roots hair color can be applied on previously colored hair with permanent hair dyes or bleached hair, moreover, It helps damaged hair revive its shine and volume by providing an instant protective layer on the hair shaft. In some cases, depending on hair texture this natural hair dye may need an adjustment period which means that such hair may need more than one application for the color to get settle.

You can store leftover henna or indigo in powder form until its best before time whereas once you add water to make paste both henna and indigo have different natures of dye release and dye retention. Indigo paste is short-lived so Use indigo immediately after you introduce water to it and throw left over, so this is advisable to make an indigo paste as per need. On the other side, henna paste is forgiving, it releases its dye within 8 -12 hours and the dye retains at normal temperature for the next 24 to 48 hours depending on weather conditions. If you refrigerate henna paste you can use it within the next three days anytime whereas if you freeze henna paste you can use it within 6 months anytime. So yes you can use leftover henna paste if you keep it in the freezer but remember indigo paste can never be frozen.

Apply Organic Roots Natural hair dye on clean hair no matter wet or dry, Avoid adding any oil or egg, or yogurt into the paste if the purpose is coloring.
Use shampoo and conditioner after you are done with the color treatment which means, do not skip your shampoo and conditioner because it helps color stay longer. Skipping shampoo and conditioner after henna and indigo is a myth as there is no reality in it.

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