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Hair Color Kits

Organic Roots Hair Colour Kits Natural products can work wonders on both your skin and hair. Natural and organic products from Organic Roots can halt hair loss. Nowadays, women like to color their hair, but not all hues are healthy because the dyes' chemicals harm and induce hair loss. Our hair color has plant powder and combination of these plant ratios can give shades of blond, brown, brownish red, black  Organic Roots Hair Dye An Ancient Method Of Coloring Hair With 100% Natural plant Powders Henna & Indigo ; all natural treatment for healthy hair  that provides long-lasting grey hair coverage without any damage. You can color your hair using the Organic Roots hair color kits beauty. The dried plants are ground into a powder and used as a non toxic hair dye. Before you decide to get the hair color kit, be sure you are aware of your skin type. Benefits and properties of Organic Roots Hair Dyes are as follow:  🍃SAFE FOR : Sensitive Skin All Ages & Kids Pregnancy Safe  All Genders  Beard  Damaged Hair Color treated Hair  🍃PROPERTIES: PPD-Free Ammonia-Free Metallic Salt-Free Additive-Free  Artificial Color Free Preservative-Free Cruelty Free Vegan Damage-Free 🍃SHADES: Brown Black  Brownish Red Dark Brown Blond These powders could be used to create the colours blind, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, and black. Some plants have primary colours, such as henna's red, indigo's blue, and cassia's yellow, therefore by combining them in varying proportions, one may create a variety of hues.

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