Choosing a hair color should be as simple as selecting a hue that you like, right? Perhaps not necessarily. It is a little more difficult because you must ensure that the color you choose complements your skin tone. Due to the fact that hair frames the face, an improper hue can make the skin appear lifeless and unhealthy. This guide can help you identify whether your skin tone is cool or warm, as well as the perfect hair color to suit it.

Determine Your Skin Tone

There are numerous methods for determining skin tone. Consider how your skin reacts to the sun first. Do you readily tan? If so, your skin's undertone is likely warm or neutral. However, if you are susceptible to sunburns, your skin has a chilly undertone. Examine the veins in your wrist next. If they appear green, this indicates a warm skin undertone. If they appear blue or purple, your undertone is cool. Still not completely sure? Put on a white shirt or hold a piece of white paper near your face while looking in a naturally lit mirror. If your face is yellow, you have warm undertones. If your face is flushed, you have cold undertones. But what if it's neither? You're neutral.

Keeping it Cool

Cool skin undertones usually look good with cool hair colors, but choosing the opposite tone can make a startling contrast. To enhance your complexion, visualize pale, cold freckled skin coupled with a warm copper or strawberry blonde tint. 

Ashy and frosty hair hues never fail to enhance pale skin tones. Be careful when choosing brassy and yellowish colors, because they can make your skin look dull. 

If your complexion is prone to redness, avoid true reds and purples as well. Dark skin tones can also contain discernible cool tones. Choose cool, dark brown hues that closely resemble your actual hair color.

Heat It Up

The honey blonde and golden blonde hair colors look great with your warm skin tone since honey blonde and golden blonde hair colors are usually associated with fair skin. If you go any darker than a half-tone, it will wash you out.

Choose between cool brown and warm brown for brunettes with a fair complexion and warm undertones. If you have green or hazel eyes, consider milk chocolate, caramel, and golden brown. Ashy brown hues tend toward silver and highlight blue or gray eyes. If you want to accentuate the warm undertones of a dark or olive complexion, try balayage or ombre in rich gold. Keep your roots natural and deep for the greatest results.


Whether you have fair or dark skin, neutral undertones can complement both warm and cool hair hues. Choose warm hair color tones to appear younger and more luminous. Feeling bold? Bright hues such as pink, blue, green, and yellow hair, or even rainbow hair, are also attractive. Dark-skinned beauties can experiment with both ash and gold hues, but should ideally stick to hues that match their natural hair color.