This is plant dye and gives 100% chemical free grey hair coverage into shades of brown to black. Henna and Indigo plants and have ability to dye hair naturally. These all stain the hair outer layers of keratin. This does not affect hair’s natural melanin so this is damage free method. This is best suited If you want to go black or brown but don’t want to use the synthetic/chemical hair dyes, because you don't want to risk their natural shine and strength or even worst, your health? or you are seriously allergic to them? Indigo powder is grounded leaves of the plant famous as IndigoferaTinctoria. It has blue purple dye in it. Indigo itself alone does not work effectively on grey hair, it has to be applied either by mixing with pure henna or after henna treatment on your hair. This method is not only safe but also beneficial to hair

Henna leaves powder stain red-orange. It is an amazing natural conditioner, makes hair healthy, voluminous and strong and builds a protective layer that hair strands to damage from heat and sunlight; it cures dandruff and itchy scalp too.

With combination of These two plants following Two Step Method you can achieve dark brown near to lush black shade.

Please note this zero chemcial method can only make whilte ot light tones darker but it wont make your dark hair towards lighter tones.

This is a two-step method. In this method, you apply henna in the first step. wash it out and then apply indigo on the second step and wash it out.
The total amount of powder you should use:
  1.  Root touchup: 25-50 grams(2-4 tbs)
  2. Shoulder length: 100-125 grams(6-9 tbs)
  3.  Mid-back: 150-175 grams(10-12 tbs)
  4. Lower back till hip 200 to 225 grams(14-16 tbs)

Recommended Liquid:

  1. You can choose one of your favorite liquid to make henna or cassia obovata paste..
  2.  Water(pure and normal temperature)
  3. Green Tea
Note: for coloring, treatments do not use heavy liquids such as yogurt, Shea/cocoa butter, oil, eggs, and conditioners, etc…as they dilute the color, and won’t yield best color coverage. Recommended Acidic Mix (liquid or powder) Henna and cassia will dye your hair more effective when mixed with low pH mild acidic mix and color can bind to the hair more permanently and does not fade.
You can choose any one of your acidic mix in your henna or cassia mix.
  1. Amla
  2.  Potassium Bitartrate
  3. Citric acid
  4. Lemon juice (diluted one part lemon with 2 part water)
  5. Apple juice
  6. Apple Cider Vinegar
  7. Orange juice
  8. Cranberry juice

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  • You can use juice straight from tetra pack/bottle too.
  •  If you choose any acidic liquid to make a henna paste then you don’t need to add organic Roots’ ® powdered acidic mix.
  • If you are living in a hard water area do clarify treatment or organic roots detox wash prior to this method.
  • Remember this method darkens lighter shades or white hair. This method can never make dark hair towards lighter tones. For first-timers or extremely damaged hair there comes an adjustment period to settle this natural method on hair. Repeat applications of two to three times may be needed for required results. If you wish to have a more darker color. Reapply. If you are satisfied with the shade you achieved then avoid reapplying on that acquired color and do only root touch when needed the next time.

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Lets Start Coloring Method FOR HER And HIM:

1st Step:

When you intend to color your hair, soak henna paste 8-12 hours before application.

  • In henna powder, mix Organic Roots’ low pH acidic powder (or else you can add the juice of 5-6 lemons.)

  • Add water to make a paste of toothpaste consistancy. Make sure that water should be pure and normal temperature.


Note: Few people like to make a henna paste with tea liquid. If you are using tea or coffee liquid as a mix then cool it down before adding it to henna.

If you feel there still lumps in paste then don’t worry it will soften within next few hours.

  • Keep this in some corner at normal temperature for the next 8 to 12 hours until the dye release. (do not keep it in fridge or freezer)

  • If the topmost layer is darker then rest of your henna paste, it’s mean your henna is dye released and ready to apply now. In summers henna paste gets ready within 6-10 hours whereas in winters henna paste gets ready within 12 to 24 hours depending on temperature.

Keep the paste for at least 3-6 hours on the head. Henna gets deeper and darker if applied for a longer time. Make sure to cover your head with plastic or shower cap while the paste on the head. It will help keep the paste moist and deeper penetration.


You can wash with plain water or use wash with shampoo. After wash, your white hair will turn orange-red.

2Nd Step

Now do 2nd step of applying indigo leaf powder to turn ur orange hair into shades of dark brown near to lush black. You can do 2nd step of indigo right after henna wash on damp or dry hair or else you can do this step within the next two days anytime. But here we are going to do right after a henna wash.

  • Pour indigo powder in a bowl and add 1 tsp salt in it. Adding salt is optional but this is papular about adding salt in indigo paste that it helps in making color more fast and better. you can add 1tsp salt/100gram indigo powder.

  • Add water. Water should be pure and luck warm. Make it a toothpaste consistency.

  • Indigo paste should be used immediately after it is made.

  • Section hair and apply on it.
  • Must cover your head with plastic wrap or shower cap. Keep this paste on the for 1-2 hours for deep brown near to black.

Note: You can also achieve medium brown color if you apply indigo for  20 minutes. If apply for 40 minutes you will achieve chocolate brown shade.

wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and enjoy lush hair color without using any toxic chemical. Your hair will feel healthier and beautiful too.

Watch This Video for more better understanding of how this two-step method works. Link