Hair masks have an important place in the list of hair care products. The focus of organic hair masks is
there on specific hair problems. We can consider them a type of high-powered conditioner. They
possess the same benefits as deep nourishment and strength for dull and damaged hair. The only
difference between a conditioner and a hair mask is that organic hair masks are more strong and
powerful. Here you will read about the function and use of hair masks.

The function of Organic Hair Masks

Hair masks contain different nourishing ingredients like oils and butter. These masks are hydrating;
provide more nourishment than regular shampoo and conditioner. It provides the best results in just
one use. Organic hair masks are helpful in reducing hair damage and give a healthy look to your hair.

The process to apply an Organic Hair Mask

First, wash your hair with a shampoo and then apply a hair mask. You have to wait for 3 to 5 minutes
to get the best results and then rinse. Finally, dry your hair with a microfiber towel and enjoy a fresh
and smooth look of your hair.

When would you use a hair mask?

It is good to use a hair mask one time in a week. However, if you have dry and damaged hair then you
should use an organic hair mask two or three times a week.

Best time to leave a mask on your hair

Normally, it is enough to leave a mask on your hair for 3 to 5 minutes. However, to deal with the dull
and dehydrated hair try to let it stay on your hair for at least fifteen to twenty minutes.

Is it safe to leave a mask on your hair for a longer period?

A simple answer is that it just depends on the type of mask you are applying to your hair. If you use a
hair mask on damp hair it will soak up everything and give you hygral fatigue. It indicates hair turns
into stretched and thin hair that is close to breakage due to excessive moisture. An overnight stay of
hair mask on damp hair can leave a lot of moisture to turn it into stretched and thin hair. An easy
solution is to clean your hair after a five-minute stay of an organic hair mask or as mentioned in the

instructions. A good quality hair mask makes your hair silky, shiny, and strong due to its nourishing
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