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For Normal To Oily Hair[ ZIZYPHUS Shampoo 220ml ( Everyday wash) + Twice A Month Clarifying Shampoo 80...

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For Normal To Oily Hair
[ ZIZYPHUS Shampoo 220ml ( Everyday wash) + Twice A Month Clarifying Shampoo 80 ml - complimentary ]

Sulfate Free
Silicone Free
All Natural Ingredientsts

Zizyphus shampoo for hair is a gentle wash that cleanses the scalp and hair without drying out hair and will leave your hair strengthened & adding volume to hair Ideal for all hair types and textures. The natural formula of this shampoo protects the lipid layer otherwise surfactants during routine washing have a tremendous effect on lipid loss from hair that causes hair prone to damage whereas lipids are vital in protection against damage and maintenance of healthy hair. Other ingredients in this shampoo like Jojoba oil stimulate circulation in the scalp and nourish the hair follicles to grow. 
Horsetail extract strengthens and improves the elasticity of the hair fiber, and helps regulate the hair growth cycle whereas hair to become dry and brittle, ylang-ylang E.O can improve hair texture and reduce hair breakage by regulating controlled sebum production.

Organic Roots is also providing twice a month-deep clarifying treatment complementary with  EveryDay zizyphus shampoo that you just need to do once or twice a month to trap those stubborn impurities that are not possible to remove with mild shampoos which cause buildups that can make hair feel dry over the time if it stays longer on hair so It is an excellent addition to your hair care routine if you need a scalp refresh. This shampoo is giving all-in-one solution in one purchase. 

How To Use :
No :1  Use mild Zizyphus Shampoo For Your everyday routine wash.
Your hair will need to be completely soaked before you apply shampoo. Using warm water is important because the warm water will open the cuticles in your hair. 
  • Let your hair get completely wet before you apply your shampoo.
  • Measure a quarter-sized amount of shampoo into the palm of your hair if you have short or medium-length hair. You can double that amount if your hair is longer than your shoulders. Rub between your palms and then softly work the shampoo into the roots of your hair in a circular motion, massaging, not scrubbing.
  • You need more shampoo at the roots because that is where the majority of your oil is. You need less shampoo or no shampoo at the tips of your hair.
  • Rinse your hair with warm water until it is free of all shampoo. 
  • Repeat the step if you have applied an oil treatment on your hair otherwise one-time shampoo would be sufficient.
  • Now use no.2 Organic Roots conditioner on your hair. Evenly spread conditioner into the lengths of your hair. Keep it for 3 minutes.
  •  Rinse your hair with cold water. The cool water will shut the cuticles in your hair and keep the moisture and oils sealed in your hair. Your hair will look shinier.

    Must Do Organic Roots Aesthetic Clarify Shampoo treatment Twice A Month and natural zizyphus shampoo regularly followed by the conditioner for Happy Long Healthy Hair.
Water, Green surfactants, Humectants,Natural Super fatting emollients,Ziziphus Spina Christi , Horsetail,Jojoba oil,ylang ylang E.O, Xanthan Gum, Natural Chelator,Cationic Quat,Natural Preservative,Vitamin-E

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