One of the various techniques for maintaining one's locks is colouring one's hair. The health of your hair may be harmed by overuse of hair colours that include a lot of chemicals or are composed of synthetic materials. As a result, a lot of people are using natural hair colours like indigo powder. A naturally occurring blue dye known as indigo, sometimes referred to as "blue gold," has been used for millennia to colour black clothing and hair. One of the earliest known dyes is indigo plant powder, which unlike other hair colours does not include ammonia, PPD, or any other harsh chemicals. The procedure is risk-free because the green indigo leaves are fermented into a chemical-free blue dye. We at Organic Roots provide you with best quality organic Indigo powder in Pakistan at most affordable. 

In addition to colouring hair of all ages, indigo powder is a natural hair tonic that also heals dandruff and/or weak hair growth, poor hair quality, itchy scalp, and other associated ailments.

Advantageous Natural Hair Dye

In some circumstances, indigo powder, a natural hair colour, may be used in place of artificial hair colours since it is gentle on your hair and doesn't include any potentially harmful chemicals like ammonia or peroxide. Indigo powder is produced from plants.

Reduce Hair Greying Too Soon

The consequences of grey hair may be prevented and even reversed with indigo powder, a natural remedy. Chemical hair colouring has been proved to speed up the greying process and may harm your hair permanently. In addition to being safe for all hair types and having natural colouring properties, indigo powder also has the potential to boost hair follicles. Additionally, by combining different quantities of indigo powder with henna, you may get a broad range of attractive colours without harming your hair, including brown, light brown cherry, and mahogany.

Long-Lasting Hair Colour

When you use indigo powder to dye your hair, the results are long-lasting. Indigo Powder has a naturally occurring dark pigment that will protect hair colour. Indigo powder is a useful tool for preserving a stylish appearance since it stops hair colour from fading. They benefit paint life and durability due to their natural emollient characteristics.

Cares for Dry Hair

An effective moisturiser for dry, brittle hair is indigo powder. Hair that is dry and brittle is more likely to break off, which contributes to the development of temporary hair loss. Utilise it while preparing hair masks using indigo powder. If you provide your hair roots the nutrients they need, they will stay moisturised for a longer period of time. Applying an indigo powder hair mask and letting it stay for an hour are effective ways to treat dry and damaged hair.

Enhanced Scalp Health

Regular usage of indigo leaf powder may be helpful in treating baldness and reviving hair volume. Organic indigo powder absorbs extra oil and debris when applied to the scalp. Since it prevents the scalp from becoming too oily, dry, or scaly, indigo powder is also beneficial in eliminating dandruff.

Indigo powder effectively kills head lice and is a great treatment choice for those with nits and lice. With only a few applications of this solution, the infestation may be completely eliminated due to its remarkable flea killer potency.

Hair Dye in Black

The colour of black hair is most accurately resembled by the bluish-dark hue that indigo powder gives to hair when applied. You may use henna powder on your hair and then use indigo the next day to lessen the strength of the blue tint.

Hair Damage Repair

With the use of indigo powder, damage brought on by filth, pollution, and other environmental factors may be healed. This is accomplished by restoring the health and natural texture of your hair, giving it a softer, smoother feel. It revitalises the hair follicles while detangling frizzy, dry, and damaged hair. It does this by providing each hair strand with a thorough nutritional profile.

Lessen Hair Loss

The use of indigo powder may help those with excessive hair loss find relief. The hair follicles may be strengthened and hair loss can be stopped by mixing indigo powder and hair oil, then rubbing the mixture into the scalp. Regular usage of an indigo hair pack not only treats baldness but also restores hair volume and promotes hair growth.

Improving Hair Quality

If the hair is exposed to ongoing pollution, excessive use of heating devices, or harsh chemical colouring, it may seem lifeless and brittle. Do not worry; regular use of indigo powder promotes healthy hair maintenance and provides hair a fuller, glossier look. Additionally, it guards against infections, and when coupled with coconut oil, it feeds the scalp with vital nutrients, nourishing and strengthening the mane.

Get rid of dandruff

Utilising indigo powder aids in cleaning the scalp of oil and debris. Additionally, it prevents the development of dandruff by preventing the scalp from becoming oily, dry, or scaly. When applied consistently, indigo powder guards against fungus and dry, itchy scalp.

Thicker And Fuller Hair Growth

The best effects from the indigo powder will be seen on those with short, properly clipped hair. If you have too-fine hair, consider utilising indigo root powder in your cosmetic regimen.

Uses for Indigo Powder

Indigo powder may be utilised in a variety of ways for various outcomes since it is a full tonic for weak, thin, and brittle greying hair. When working with your priceless powder, ChiltanPure Indigo powder is often utilised in the many methods listed below.

Is it okay to combine henna with indigo dye?

Henna may be used with 100% natural indigo powder to produce a variety of effects. Additionally, it is said that combining coconut oil with indigo powder might block or delay the onset of grey hair for an extended period of time.

How long can indigo be used to colour hair?

The answer to this query will depend on the individual or how soon after using this powder you will wash your hair. If you wash your hair less often, you may be able to prolong the life of your hair colour for an additional eight to twelve weeks after application, but even then, it will only persist for a short time.

How Long Should The Hair Remain Dyed With Indigo?

Your hair will keep its indigo colour for a very long period. The product should be in your hair for two to three hours at the most, but if you have a kit, you should follow the instructions on the container and leave it in for no longer than the period provided.

Negative Effects

The sensitive people may get certain negative effects from indigo powder. Some adverse effects might include headaches.

Another thing to consider before using indigo hair colour is the possibility that it can give you headaches. When using henna as a hair colour, this issue is significantly more common. While most people won't need to worry about this, individuals who are sensitive to mould spores may have symptoms like headaches while using this colour.


When the dye is kept on their heads for a long time, some people experience nausea in addition to headaches. It's not a given that the indigo dye will have an overpowering aroma that will make you nauseous.

Some people experience nausea as a result of an allergy to mould spores. If you have this allergy, you can feel sick to your stomach and vomit. You can get both a headache and nausea.

Its Application Could Be Clumsy.

Using indigo hair dye carelessly might lead to a disastrous issue. Use cautious if you're standing on carpet and don't want it soiled since this product includes a lot of colour. Setting aside a separate location to work in and taking your time while doing so will help you avoid having indigo hair powder everywhere except on your hair.

How Should Indigo Powder Be Used on Hair?

Apply the paste to the hair while wearing gloves. Depending on the desired density, leave on for at least 45 minutes. It is advised to keep it on the hair for up to two hours if you want a deep black colour. Use water to thoroughly rinse.

Your light and dark hair will feel lot better if you use these procedures! Your hair will become a shade of blue with black and brownish-black undertones. The stain will go away in a few days, so don't worry. To get natural brown and orange-brown tones, apply henna one day before to using indigo powder.


The best hair dye is indigo powder, which also benefits other hair issues. However, only use genuine natural indigo powder for hair treatments. Since organic Indigo Powder is easily accessible, the chemically laced powder isn't worth the cost. You are allowed to use shampoos and conditioners made with natural ingredients. Discover the benefits of indigo powder to get smooth, luscious hair!


What Uses Does Indigo Powder Have?

Indigo leaf powder may help cure baldness and increase hair volume when used often. Applying organic indigo powder to the scalp aids in removing extra oil and filth. Indigo powder also keeps the scalp from becoming too greasy, dry, or scaly, which often leads to the development of dandruff.

Can Indigo Promote Hair Growth?

For the growth of hair, use indigo It encourages hair development by supplying the scalp and hair roots with the necessary nutrients. It substantially reduces hair loss as well. Additionally, indigo powder paste may be used to provide a natural shine to hair that is dry and lifeless.

What Affects Hair Does Indigo Powder Have?

By introducing a deep blue colour, indigo powder naturally darkens your hair. Additionally, it gives hair volume and cures split ends. By including them in your hair care recipes, you may also benefit from things like hair fall prevention and hair loss therapy.

Indigo Powder: Does It Turn Hair Black?

It gives your hair a blue hue rather than a black colour. However, the colour is dark enough to give the impression that your hair is black, particularly if you naturally have brown hair or have previously dyed it with henna powder.

What Are Indigo Powder's Negative Effects On Hair?

When using indigo powder for the first time, test a tiny patch of hair to check whether it produces the desired colour. Indigo powder does not have any adverse effects of this kind. You may also test it out on your elbow by lightly rubbing some on there to see if it irritates you.

Can indigo powder result in thinning hair?

No, using indigo powder will strengthen your hair and stop hair loss.

Can I Submit An Indigo Application Without Henna?

Yes, you may use indigo powder without first applying henna to your hair during, after, or in between those times.