The plant Cassia obovata, also known as "neutral henna," has a number of benefits for your hair. This plant, which is indigenous to Asia and Africa, is typically ground into a fine powder. 

Cassia obovata is not henna, despite the fact that many people mistake it for henna. While henna has organic red/orange tones, cassia obovata's pigment is more of a yellow hue.

The use of Cassia obovata has a lot of advantages. It has been applied in numerous ways for hundreds of years. One of the most popular forms of Cassia obovata is in powder form, which is made by drying the plant's leaves and then powdering them.

An Organic Conditioner

When it comes to conditioning, cassia obovata is suitable for all hair types. It is brimming with naturally occurring nutrients that can support hair renewal and restoration.

Removes Dandruff

It can aid with conditioning as well as your dandruff issue. The usage of cassia obovata frequently results in the disappearance of dandruff, which is typically brought on by an excessively dry scalp. When combined with water and applied as a paste, cassia powder feeds the hair's scalp with nutrients.

Adds Glow

Your hair's lustre can also be enhanced with the aid of cassia obovata. It is ideal for people whose hair is dry and dull from blow dryers, style irons, hair products, and other things. To increase shine, mix the powder into a paste and apply it straight.

Boosts Volume

Cassia obovata can assist people with thin or damaged hair add definition and volume to their locks. It aids in lifting the hair follicles to give thinning hair a fuller, more defined appearance.

Clarifies curls

Cassia obovata is very beneficial for people with curly hair. Because the plant will assist in the restoration of curls to their original shape while making the hair exceptionally soft, it is ideal for people who are struggling with ill-defined and pulled down curls.

One of our favourite aspects of utilising this incredible herb powder is how simple and straightforward it is to apply. Contrary to henna, the entire experience can be completed in about 15 minutes. When combined with a variety of different components, the yellow tones and natural nutrients of this transfer much more quickly than henna.