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black 4

Mrs. Rafay

My base color is balck, I was lokking for chemical-free hair dye and finally, I could trust Organic Roots. I did two-step method. On the first step Preped hair.

Mrs. Abbas

I have a 90 % white head. I decided to give try organic Roots’ products and wanted to test their chemical-free claim. I was seriously allergic to chemical hair dyes.

brown 1


My base hair is color black. My desire color brown. My white hair excessively pre-mature white. I did a two-step method. I applied henna for 3 hours and indigo on the 2nd step.

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Naila jaffer

I was having very thin hair and damaged due to chemical hair dyes…I was willing to convert to a natural grey coverage method( zero chemical). My first experience



I followed the two-step method to achieve the nearest to natural color and successfully achieved my desirous color on the first go. I also did detox wash treatment prior

golden blond


I had naturally golden hair and also lots of white hair. I used Golden Brown Kit and here goes my results. I applied this mixture for
4 hours.

two step

Shariq Malik

I am so happy with the result. I am extremely sensitive to any Synthetic hair dye so I was using earlier another brand in the USA that also deals in henna and indigo.

Henna On light


I was fed up with my chemically treated streaked hair that was giving a faded yellow color right after a few months . My hair was damaged.  I was having few white strands.

Amal Farooq

I have 40% white hair. I wanted to get rid of chemical hair dyes. I used Organic Roots and i am very satisfied with my hair repair and beautiful hair color.

brown three

Mrs Farida

Natural hair color black,80% white hair. I did a two-step method. Divided both steps in two days. on the First step achieved henna orange shade.

Erum Agha

This Is a story about my damaged hair due to excessive exposure to chemicals and getting premature grey hair as a nsequence. Then I found Henna and indigo

Shdes of henna

Erum Agha

I always do two-step method for my grey hair coverage with henna and indigo. Henna is such a unique plant that it gives potentially different shades in different lights

black hair


I am sharing my experience with a cry of joy. I can not believe that i can now achieve my black shade with a natural method. I was looking for a natural solution

indigo for 30 min


Oh, the color is so good with the two-step method I followed, moreover, it is zero damage to hair. As natural hair dye, nothing can beat henna and indigo combination.



I did a two-step method. on one step applied henna on 2nd step applied indigo. My frizz is gone and my hair has beautiful
sheen now

cassia ,henna indigo


My base color is medium brown and I had done many chemical treatments before converting to organic roots’ zero chemical hair dye. I had chemical treated light

Erum Agha

My natural color is black. I know with this zero chemical plant dye I can not make my dark hair into the light shade but I can achieve shade on my white hair.

red in ends

Sadia Khan

My Hair Color was light brown, I wanted Some Change in my hair color But at the same time, I was reluctant to use chemical hair dyes because i was already

Before After

Farida Agha

I am 72 years old. Allergic to chemical hair dyes. I  have been using organic roots henna and indigo for the last 6 months. I divide this procedure in two days.


I am a regular user of Organic Roots henna and indigo. I use the two-step method to achieve my desired shade. I wanted some change and decided to go

black hair

Erum Agha

My base color black. I follow two-step method. I applied henna for two hours that made my hair orange-red . then i applied indigo for 2 hours that transformed my hair.

Erum Agha

Cassia obovata gives you all the benefits of henna without color results on dark hair tones. For those with light shades of hair such as blond, strawberry blond or grey hairs

brown 3


My hair was frizz, 40 % white and curly. I wanted to retain my curl but frizzles. Organic Roots Chemical free hair dye method caught my attention and I used it regularly.

Erum Agha

I applied henna on my damaged , dull streaked hair. It has given me a beautiful auburn blend with the rest of my hair. Continuous use of henna made my hair repaired

Only Henna

Dua Salman

Organic roots, Detox wash review. My hair were becoming very dry and weak, tired a few products but nothing seemed to work. Last week I came fo hair detox wash.

Black With Two Step

Eqra Ghufran

Amazing product.. and awsome results. i used so many local and brand hennas ..but no one gave me results like want. my hairs became v hard rough

Indigo for 1 hour

Mehak Soomro

Sorry for delay feedback. I ordered 1 0 overnight Oil. This oil has done wonders. I almost lost my hairs and texture. Change was seen after 2 applications.

Two step method

Naveed Ahmad

It has changed my philosphy about hair dyes. It has no impact on skin. I am allergic from all other hair dyes provided by renowned companies. Thank you

Black Two Step

Erum agha

My grey hairs are now covered with all natural ingredients and required the henna and indigo to be applied once in two months. also the hair repair oil has done

Sumeira Karim Valjee

My grey hairs are now covered with all natural ingredients and required the henna and indigo to be applied once in two months. also the hair repair oil has done

40 min Indigo

Summera Jaffar

It is the most effective and organic ways of dyeing your hair without the fear of being going wrong or damaging them besides it nourishes protects

Safe For Curls

Memoona Ali

Dyeing my hair became a task for me as my skin developed allergies for ammonia and PPD. I experimented alot with almost all the herbal options available

Only Henna

Shameen Kalim

I absolutely LOVED their henna! The delivery was on the same day (without additional charges), just as promised, which I was very impressed with!

Henna shades

Amna Malik

Being a dermatologist I know about harmful chemicals used in hair dyes like ammonia , PPD, Hydrogen peroxide and many more. The chemicals may causes