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Body art is art applied to the human body. It is the earliest form of art that defines religion, protection, and culture. For instance, Australian Indigenous people use body art for indicating their different festivals like hunting, singing, wedding, and funeral.

Nowadays, people use body art as a symbol of love or indicating a milestone in their lives. It shows identity or what a person thinks. Body art also indicates uniqueness and particular sentiments. It tells different stories of different people.

The most popular types of body art include:

1) Body Piercing

This is the most common form of body art practiced all around the world. It can be done on all parts of the body, usually on ears. People get it done on belly button, nose and lips too. Different jewelry ornaments are used to decorate the piercings.

Nowadays, piercing has become easy and less painful with the use of the right tools like body piercing pliers or forceps for ears, lips, nose, and tongue.

2) Henna

A very beautiful and most famous type of body art in Eastern countries. It has its origin from ancient Egypt where the Egyptians used it to decorate their bodies.
Organic Henna cone body art is temporary and is usually applied to hands and feet.