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My Story

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My Story

I am Erum Agha, the founder of a startup, Organic Roots®. In this blog, I am going to share a herbal hair dye method i.e. a 100% chemical-free technique to cover grey hair. I discovered it 5 years ago, and since then I never looked back to chemical hair dyes. I owe my healthy and lustrous hair to this natural grey hair coverage method. I am the pioneer of introducing Indigo powder hair dye in Pakistan.

I struggled hard to make it available nationwide, and I am happy about this fact that I am a trendsetter and I have been able to give a solution to a major problem faced by many people, and later on it was followed by many vendors. You might be interested to know how I discovered it, what happened to me and why I started Organic Roots.

I always enjoyed changing-up my hair color and my looks by doing repeatedly chemical treatments like perming, rebounding, extenso, highlights that also followed by a number of spas and salon treatments to maintain those hairs. As consequences, I started having premature grey. At this point, I realized that what the hell I had done to my hair, but unfortunately it was irreversible. With no option left I had to accept my grays and to hide those unwanted grays, I was compelled to use hair dyes.

How my Journey Started?

Here’s my interesting story of hair revival. Thanks to Indigo Powder, it made me give up on chemical dyes for good, which had gradually damaged my hair. I had been obsessed with experimenting whatever was out there in the hair industry.

Perming, Rebounding, Extenso, Highlights; you name it, I’ve tried out all. Consequently, I started experiencing premature graying with irrevocable damage to my once long, luxuriant and so adored hair. No other option left with, I reluctantly decided to seek refuge in chemical dyes.
(SEE photo A to get an idea about my grey.)

My Bad Phase And Fake Products Effect On my Hair

I started with a top-notch hair dye to cover my premature grey hairs. I noticed that my greys were springing up like mushrooms. Every time, looking into the mirror left me down and depressed. My elder sister suggested me to opt for Henna as this could be a safer way to dye hair. I bought Henna and applied it. What I hated about Henna was its red tint so I decided to give a try to Black Mehndi sold with a label Chemical Se Paak. I knew little that these hennas sold in the name of black, brown and burgundy shades also contain additives like PPD (Para-Phenylenediamine) notorious for irritating and burning the scalp.

Now, I decided to go to herbal grocers for natural henna powder khuli mehndi. Soon I gave up on this powder too as it damaged my hair leaving it bristly, crunchy, dry and rough. I came to know the horrible fact that most Henna vendors add fillers i.e. raw material added to henna to increase the quantity. Only henna leaves contain the orange dye molecules, but sellers sometimes grind stems as well as leaves of other non-coloring plants and shrubs, color wood powder and sand to increase the quantity of henna powder. Further, the textile dye is added to it to give it dark orange. Additionally, in commercial mehndi, vendors also add ammonia, peroxide, bleach, mineral oils, surfactants, salt, silicone, and wax.)

Meanwhile my research, I came to know about Black Stone / Kala Pather . Out of desperation, I used “Kala Pather”, as it was told to be natural by pansaris, But again It wasn’t less than a nightmare experience. It made my hair raven black. There were permanent black stains all over my the kitchen where I prepared mixture as well as my washroom where I rinsed my hair.

Later, it stained my pillows and bedspread too. I researched Black Stone “Kala Pather”. The facts about black stone turned out to be more horrifying. (Kala Pather itself is potential chemical and contains high ratio of PPD and coal tar. It mixed with ammonia and hydrogen peroxide to make hair dyes,. It is also added to Henna and used in the popular tattooing for its darkening effect). It can make one vulnerable to suffer from horrible skin allergies and can potentially make one bald.

What I concluded at the moment was to Steer clear away from any box/bag that mentions Black Henna or Henna based hair colour or Henna Powder that comes in more than one shades. (Remember, Natural henna only stains orange color). Moreover, it’s almost impossible to pick chemical-free Henna when the market is flooded with many fake supplies.

After this strenuous research, I concluded that Henna is equally harmful like chemical dyes. I felt that hair dye is less messy than Henna so I resumed using dyes. I frequently used another famous hair dye ammonia free during those years until I suffered badly from a chemical reaction which left my poor scalp burnt and itchy. To add to my misery, I suffered from eczema too. Each time I applied a hair dye, there was an immediate reaction. It all ended up in massive and rapid hair loss. The split ended, lifeless, weightless, dry and thin hair was part of me. I thought I had the roughest and the ugliest hair one can ever have. To my horror, I noticed that my eyes remained mostly swollen giving an impression of smaller eyes. My hair was too dead to be managed with iron or curler. Regular oiling didn’t help my desert-dry hair either.

What was turning Point

Desperate and devastated, I once again went to a celebrated salon for streaks and rebounding, despite the fact that I had been strongly advised against undergoing a chemical treatment by the hair artist. During these chemical infested times, one of my brothers in law happened to visit Pakistan from abroad. I was shocked to find him with a swollen face and red rashes all over his face, neck, and ears. On being inquired, he told me that he broke out in hives just 24 hours after applying L’Oreal, and found it increasingly difficult to breathe. He was put on a high dosage of steroids and given oxygen before being forced to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. Doctors told him that he suffered from an allergic reaction to the chemical phenylenediamine (PPD), which is found in almost all permanent dyes.

I literally gave me goosebumps as I never thought that hair dyes can actually be life-threatening. I felt more concerned as I was pregnant with my 2nd child. I started more profound research on hair dyes and found out that hair dyes are tremendously hazardous to health. These dyes can make one vulnerable to asthma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, lupus and bladder cancer, as well as causing hair loss, and horrific allergic reactions. I thought of using PPD free dye, but later, I found out that it contains other chemicals like resorcinol equally precarious to hair and health.

How I Came To Know About Natural and Miracle Plant

In February 2013, luckily I skimmed through a blog that dealt with the natural ways of dying grey hair. I decided to give it a try since it claimed 0% damage to hair. I am happy that I made a plunge. Henna and Indigo are herbal dyes. It is an excellent natural way to transform your grey into jet black or chestnut brown organically. Indigo, blended with Pure Henna creates a medium brown to rich deep brown hair dye and when applied over Henna treated hair, lends a jet black hair tint. In addition to this, it adds richness, shine, and texture to hair.

I was Against to henna so I gave it a 2nd though before I believe in this claim but with more and more research I was getting positive for pure henna and wanted to give it another chance. I started using pure henna and was able to find it due to my extensive knowledge in it with the time. But Finding indigo in Pakistan was proved to be a challenge.

How did I Found Indigo Powder?

Finding Indigo powder in Pakistan was as difficult as finding the philosopher’s stone. I fell prey to many fake claims and spent money and energy in search of Indigo powder. Nobody in Pakistan knew about it . I remember I had searched it everywhere and with every herbalist ( even Big names and brands ) . They always have given me a blank look as I am asking for something new, Most of the pansaris did not know about it and tried to sell me Kala pather by naming it wasma.Indigo in urdu called wasma but please mind it Kala pather is not wasma. I still find many herbalists using kala-pather as wasma but they are doing wrong out of ignorance and selling a harmful thing.

during my search I met Few herbalists who knew about indigo powder, I was told that it is not in Pakistan anywhere. So I stopped finding it locally after a 1-year struggle. Anyway, I decided to buy it from Alibaba. But unluckily there I had to face failure too as  There was no cash payment gateway for Pakistanis at that time. I was so annoyed and I got crazy somehow to make impossible possible and finally, I found a way to purchase indigo  It was win-win at the end. One thing  I forgot to mention here that during my search for indigo powder available I started using pure henna, and found that pure henna made my hair much healthier and my hair was much better during the time I was using henna alone in hope that one day I will get indigo powder too.

It changed my idea about henna/mehndi. and I discovered is best for your hair if it is pure and natural. Believe me or not, after a few applications my hair started to look better; I was satisfied that i am not hurting them more although red yet it got repaired every day. It gained life and became thicker and fuller. I was having beautiful high lights in my hair and in sunlight it was so warm and vibrant. Below is my photo when I was using the only henna. Although i liked this shade too but I was still craving for my natural hair tone that was black

So let talk about indigo again. Finding an indigo powder was a celebration for me and I was happy that by using it I can now get back my lustrous black hair. I started using it and I liked my color very much But disappointment was never ended here. because my hair started getting damage again after using indigo too.

I was so disheartened but still, I had not given up. I kept my research more forward and came to know that indigo powder can also be chemical added and poor quality like henna . Many suppliers add ppd in indigo too. At this point, I collected samples of different suppliers and send for lab test and found that mostly from them were of poor quality and ppd added.

Finally I discover a genuine premium quality indigo powder . and started using it with satisfaction. I really brought a positive change in my hair. Indigo powder and henna powder application rendered my hair an awesome glossy texture. It restored my natural dark brown hair hue. My curls were no more frizzy, and I didn’t have those annoying strands sticking out on top of my head.

I was no more slave to heating devices to manage my hair, in spite my hair looks equally fabulous, healthy, shiny and manageable even without ironing. I could ‘t help running my fingers through my smooth hair. I was exceedingly pleased that I found something for my hair as vital as blood for the body. My photo when I first time applied indigo powder hair dye on my hair. See My Photo

 Henna and indigo last as long as any other hair dyes. They fade a bit over time and you will need to touch up your roots when they grow in of course. I have found I can go 3-4 weeks in-between applications. I do a full head dye every once a year. I mostly need to do a root touch up. This method comparatively long takes 3 to 4 hours but it is satisfied that at least I am not putting something wrong on my head.

How Organic Roots Started

After using indigo for almost three years I was satisfied with the results and quality.I wanted to tell everyone how beautiful I am feeling and this is something holy and divine. One day out of boredom  I shared my experience to a woman’s platform shops happily and excitedly. I was surprised to get 600  queries in my inbox asking me about indigo powder. I found that here in Pakistan the number of people who can relate to my story. They are looking for damage-free and chemical-free hair dye option for their hair.

While answering to their queries I told them each and every detail patiently I was happy to help them out. During the chat, I also met a few more people who already knew about it but they were failed to find this in Pakistan.  I knew very well from my experience that it would be hard for them to search for best quality indigo powder in Pakistan, they will have to go through all fake claims and wrong information about it . So all of a sudden I decided something. Yes, I decided to provide good quality indigo to them, The indigo that I found after a great struggle.

I named my brand Organic Roots and this is how my business came into being unplanned. Although it was unplanned but I worked hard I dedicated day and night helping out my customers and tried to make everything easy for them to understand by writing posts, videos, and blogs. I got registered at sheops and considered one of the top sellers on that platform too. Later through shops, my efforts were acknowledged on different T V shows like dawn , Ary, Gnn, Geo , Hum Tv and also in a magazine like a woman ‘s own . There was another proud moment came when I was announced among the top 25 business startups in Pakistan.

I always feel humbled and grateful to Allah Almighty that He had given me strength and opportunities to provide a solution for a major problem. There are lots of people who are allergic to chemical hair dyes so this is a blessing for them. I get lots of prayer and acknowledgment. Their love and trust is extremely precious to me.  Now I feel so good to see other sellers also in Pakistan who jumped into this business after they found that people really need it. The difference in me and them is that they started it for business and I started it genuinely to make this product available is Pakistan. Now indigo is not as difficult to find in Pakistan, as it was earlier. There Always the first person who takes a step for the first time and I feel positively proud that I did it and I am a game-changer.
I had chosen a healthy option for my hair. Do you want it too?  buy here

  Now available in PAKISTAN & DUBAI/ U.A.E

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