Frequently Asked Questions

In Urdu and Arabic Language, Indigo Powder is Called Wisma /Neel Ka Poda. Its Botanical name is Indigofera tinctoria. It is green in color because it is a grounded powder of indigo plant leaves. It releases the blue-purple dye. It is also used for coloring your hair into shades of brown to black naturally. It is100% chemical-free method to dye hair. It does not affect the hair cortex so it is damage free method for hair. Moreover, this is Halal Hair Dye too and considered to be Sunnah Because it has the same method and properties of KHATAM well known in Tib-e-Nabvi. In Tib-e-Nabvi it is mentioned as indigo or wasma too.

Indigo powder and henna both are natural plants, the combination of both provides grey hair coverage into shades of brown to black. It is the mildest and safest for sensitive skin.

It is safe to use for those

  • Who are allergic to the synthetic dye
  • Processed hair/damaged hair
  • All ages
  • All gender and kids
  • Pregnant mothers
  • Premature white
  • Beard

Although Indigo and Henna both are natural plants, even then anyone could be allergic to anything natural and organic. Like anyone could be allergic to eggs, strawberries, grass or nuts, etc. Similarly, anyone could be allergic to henna coldness, or anyone could be allergic to mold in indigo that is naturally present in it. The symptoms of allergy could be severe itching or headache. If at any stage you feel allergic to indigo then skip using it or use it in dilution with henna or apply it for short time. 

If you are allergic to henna coldness then do some precautions. Stay indoor while the henna paste is applied to hair, wear the woolen cap. Keep yourself warm.

No. Indigo Powder does not work efficiently without henna. if you will apply it without henna. It gives grey-blue shade.

The total amount of powder you may need according to your hair thickness and length. it is sort of permanent color so you need mostly root touch up to color new roots· Organic roots 100g powder could be used 3 to 4 times for shoulder length. If you intend to apply for the shoulder then a 100gram pouch could be used for one time.

Root touch up: 25-50 grams (2-4tbs)
Shoulder length: 100-125 grams(6-9tbs)
Mid-back: 150-175 grams (10-12tbs)

It may or may not color on the first attempt. The final result is dependent on the method you choose, your base hair color, and also the health of your hair. If the hair is already damaged it may take more than one application for color to get settled. We suggest choosing the color nearest to your natural hair color. Remember this is a natural method for white hair coverage. If you notice any failed attempt then do not lose heart. Give it another try. 90 % of users get good results on 1st attempt . 5% get results on the 2nd attempt and the rest 5% may need 3 attempts for the desired color.

Two step method is more papular and gives better and long-lasting results.
The two-step method is more suitable for dark brown or black hair that has turned white.
The one-step method is more suitable for blond, light brown, and medium brown hair that has turned white.  If the one-step method does not work for you then always switch towards the two-step method.

Please note this zero chemical hair dye method. It has no bleach in it so it can not make hair dark to light. It can only make hair light to dark.
For more detail see the following chart.

1-White hair can get blond, auburn, medium brown, dark brown, or black shade.
2-Blond hair can get auburn, medium brown, dark brown, or black shade.
3-Light brown hair can get auburn, medium brown, dark brown, or black shade.
4-Medium Brown Hair can get auburn, dark brown, or black shade.
5-Dark Brown hair can get black shade.
6-Black hair can only get a tinge and gloss of henna shade.
7-Chemically bleached hair can get darker shades.

There are two methods of using it. One is called the two-step method. In this method first, achieve henna shade and then apply indigo to covert henna red shade into brown or black. For brown shade apply indigo for 20 to 40 minutes. For black shade apply indigo for 1 to 2 hours.

Another method is called a one-step method. In this method apply a mixture of henna and indigo on hair for 3 to 5 hours. Shade is dependent on the ratio of plant powders. For medium brown use an equal ratio of henna and indigo. For light brown or blond shade add cassia obovata into ratio too.


You can not pre-mix henna and indigo together in powder form. If in the market someone is selling a product that is having henna and indigo powder pre-mix then it must be chemical. Henna and indigo are having different dye releases nature. Pure Henna releases its dye within 8-12 hours. Whereas indigo released its dye right after it is mixed with water and demises its dye within two hours. Due to their different dye release nature, these can never be premixed in powder form. A proper method is needed for mixing it together. When you intend to color your hair soak henna 8-12 hours before application. Before you apply add freshly made indigo into a ready henna paste and mix it well.

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